Sen. Rand Paul says President Barack Obama has run afoul of the law, this time on the nuclear deal he struck with Iran.

Paul contends that the president is in violation of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement Review Act (the Bob Corker-Ben Cardin bill), because the administration didn’t provide Congress with all documentation of the deal including so-called side deals regarding Iran’s nuclear weapon sites.

“We think, many of us, that the president is not in compliance with the law,” Paul tells The Daily Signal.

“Corker’s bill is a law. The president signed it, begrudgingly, but he did sign the bill. It is the law of the land that the president is supposed to send all of the paperwork, and any side agreements on the Iran agreement [are] supposed to come to us.”

Paul continues:

“So I think right now the president is in defiance of the law, but this is not the first time this president has been in defiance of the law, but he should be challenged, and there is discussion of whether this law should go to court and whether or not he will be challenged in the courts as to whether or not he has fulfilled the law.”