Arthur Brooks was a liberal bohemian musician studying economics when he embarked on a journey that led him to conservatism. He realized, for instance, conservatives had more sufficient answers to solving America’s poverty problem, one of the many issues he writes about in a new book, “The Conservative Heart.”

As president of the American Enterprise Institute, Brooks is seeking to transform how Americans view issues like poverty. In the book, he explains why conservatives must build a social movement that recognizes the importance of opportunity and success through compassion and fairness.

Brooks, a former Syracuse University professor, believes capitalism and free trade are more than popular buzzwords. He wants people to see how they impact the real world in positive ways.

“The Conservative Heart,” goes on sale on July 14. Brooks sat down with The Daily Signal for a preview of the book and to share a bonus chapter that shows how Brooks practices what he preaches. In the interview, he shares how his adopted daughter taught him about globalization’s impact on his own family.

Daily Signal readers can access the bonus chapter by pre-ordering “The Conservative Heart” at Amazon, then emailing the receipt to You’ll receive a passcode and link to access the chapter.

Here’s a breakdown what we discuss in the interview:

  • 0:10 What inspired Brooks to write the book
  • 1:10 Why conservatives need to gain momentum to help the poor
  • 3:04 How conservatives portray themselves
  • 4:30 Brooks talks about the bonus chapter
  • 6:00 His special relationship with his adopted daughter from China
  • 10:20 What conservatives should look for in a 2016 candidate
  • 12:00 How to expand conservative principles and ideas