In case you missed it last week, the National Archives tweeted the most-requested photo from its massive collection.

Surprising to some, the photo featured President Richard Nixon with music icon Elvis Presley.

On Dec. 21, 1970, Presley met with Nixon at the White House after requesting a visit in a six-page letter to the president.

  Elvis Letter to President Nixon by The Heritage Foundation

“I am Elvis Presley and admire you and have great respect for your office,” wrote Presley on an American Airlines stationary. “I would love to meet you just to say hello if you’re not too busy.”

Presley even recommended becoming a “federal agent at large” to “help the country out.”

In an attempt for the president to “build some rapport with Presley,” Dwight Chapin, deputy assistant to Nixon, arranged the private meeting.

Dwight Chapin Nixon/Elvis Memo

An internal White House agenda indicated that the administration planned to use Presley in an anti-drug campaign. The White House even suggested five activities for Presley to promote Nixon’s agenda.

  Nixon/Elvis White House Meeting Agenda by The Heritage Foundation

To learn more about this photo, visit The National Archives’ online exhibit.