White House spokesman Josh Earnest was on the defensive Tuesday when Fox News’ Ed Henry pressed him on Harvard professors’ criticism of Obamacare amid rising health care costs.

“Here are some of the same professors who were advisers to the president’s first campaign in 2008, advocated the Affordable Care Act,” Henry said, citing the New York Times story that originally reported the controversy. “And they basically said this is a great deal for America, but now that they have to pay more, they’re up in arms about it.”

Henry asked Earnest if the professors were being a “little bit hypocritical” in their complaints given the initial push for the law. He noted Harvard’s statement pinning Obamacare as a reason for the increased health care costs.

“Isn’t that the opposite of what the White House said?” he quipped.

Earnest clumsily deflected the questions, switching quickly to White House talking points.