1. The ad that reminded you to thank the soldier in your life — and drink a beer.

On Jan. 8, Army 1st Lt. Chuck Nadd left his eight-month mission in Afghanistan to come home. He knew he’d be greeted by his girlfriend. But he didn’t know his hometown — and Budweiser cameras — were waiting for him, too.

2. The ad that featured 15 different children with down syndrome.

When one pregnant women had anxiety about expecting a child with down syndrome, an Italian organization that supports people with Down Syndrome responded to her e-mail with this video.

3. The ad that honored American workers and the beauty of their hard work.

Former host of “Dirty Jobs” Mike Rowe was the voice of the ad. He later voiced his opinion on the ad: “Isn’t the business of making things in America an initiative we can all get behind?”

4. The other ad that emphasized the beauty of hard work.

This ad, a partnership between Walmart and Coca-Cola, featured a young boy who spends his holidays earning money to buy a  bicycle. It’s not until the last 10 seconds of the ad that you find out the bike isn’t for him…

5. The ad that gave us the encouragement to keep trying, and made us want to call our mothers.

This one made me cry. This tear-jerking “Thank you, Mom” campaign celebrates the moms behind athletes everywhere.

6. The ad that proved “will trumps fate.”

When Under Armor released their “I will what I want” campaign, they turned to ballerina Misty Copeland to spread the message. The prima-ballerina faced a childhood of poverty, obstacles because of her race and body, and family drama. Now she’s a star — and this ad shows why.