Fox News is still dark on Dish, but subscribers have been offered an alternative.

Dish is broadcasting The Blaze in place of Fox News during their dispute with 21st Century Fox.

The Blaze was founded by Glenn Beck after he left Fox News in 2011. The Blaze is available online, and is carried by several TV providers, including Dish.

The Daily Signal recently reported that Fox News went dark for Dish subscribers after a dispute between Dish Network and 21st Century Fox during contract negotiations. The Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network remain unavailable to Dish subscribers.

In a recent statement on their website, Fox said that Dish “has concentrated on shifting blame away from themselves for causing this unfortunate situation. That’s not surprising given Dish’s history but it is disappointing that millions of viewers have lost access to Fox News Channel.”

Fox said that the deal Dish rejected is “the same deal made with every other pay-TV provider over the last five years” and that in the channel’s almost 20-year history, they’ve never been dropped by another provider.

“Due to Dish’s unresponsiveness, we are unable to provide an update on when Fox News Channel will be available,” Fox added in the statement. “We will continue to do all we can so Dish customers can enjoy Fox News once again.”

In a video statement posted on, Dish Network co-founder and chairman Charlie Ergen said that FNC and FBN were being “held hostage” in an effort to increase fees for other channels.

“There’s nothing about this extortion attempt that was fair or balanced,” said Ergen.

Dish is currently offering The Blaze in Fox’s regular place.

Beck wrote on Facebook that:

Due to circumstances beyond my control, Dish has removed Fox News and given The Blaze TV their spot in the channel lineup. That means if you have Dish, you can now watch The Blaze on channel 212 and channel 205, 100 percent free…. for those of you looking for a channel that shares your values and principles, I hope you will give The Blaze a chance.

Beck added that he had nothing to do with Dish’s decision to show The Blaze in Fox’s place, as he had already left for his Christmas vacation and will be away from the office until Jan. 5.

“We’re not looking to replace Fox News,” wrote Beck. “In fact, I think The Blaze offers you something completely different.”

Beck thanked viewers for the success of The Blaze, and teased upcoming content the channel that he hopes a “maximum number of Americans” will see.

“Thank you for standing by a guy the world deemed crazy,” wrote Beck.

According to The Blaze, “The Blaze TV will remain on its new channel until Jan. 7, or when Fox News is restored.”

This article has been corrected to reflect that Ergen is the co-founder and chairman of Dish, not the CEO.