Gov. Bobby Jindal today said Americans are clamoring for a “hostile takeover” of Washington, D.C.

While speaking at The Heritage Foundation to a group of reporters about his new energy plan, the Louisiana governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate said voters are calling on Republicans to offer “real ideas” and “real solutions” in Washington.

“We need to understand people are hungry for big change,” he said. “They’re not looking for tinkering; they’re looking for a hostile takeover of D.C.”

Americans aren’t looking for tinkering—they’re looking for a hostile takeover of D.C. -@BobbyJindal

That means not just talking about repealing Obamacare, Jindal continued, but taking measures to repeal and replace it.

“I hear from too many Republicans, ‘Well, you can’t really repeal Obamacare, that’s the law of the land.’ That’s nonsense,” Jindal said. “We need to repeal and replace it.”

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When asked by a reporter whether he plans to run for president in 2016, Jindal said he is “absolutely thinking and praying” about it, but for now, is focused the November midterm elections.

Citing concerns with another two years of Democratic leadership, he said, “I think every Republican, every conservative, needs to be focused on this.”

“Think about what more damage [Obama] could do in terms of judicial appointments,” Jindal added. “I think we will get the majority in November, and if we don’t do anything with it, I think there will be a severe backlash against Republicans. Just being anti-Obama is not enough.”

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Jindal, who became governor in 2008 after two terms in Congress, has presided over a state still recovering from Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 oil spill. He created the group America Next to be devoted to public policy; it released his 48-page energy plan Tuesday.

Looking to the future, Jindal said this emphasis on policy solutions would benefit Republicans. He also presented it as a contrast with Obama.

“[Obama] got elected eight years ago because he presented himself as an intelligent, competent, moderate candidate who’s going to change the culture of D.C.,” Jindal said. “Turns out he wasn’t any of the things he said he was. He was the exact opposite.”

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