Senator Rand Paul, R–Ky., today blasted Governor Rick Perry for his “fictionalized” and “mischaracterized” account of Paul’s foreign policy. Unleashing a withering barrage in a Politico op-ed, Paul signaled that he’s ready to go head to head with the Texas Republican.

In Friday’s Washington Post, Perry offered a sharp critique of Paul’s foreign policy, labeling him an isolationist. Perry took shots at Paul for “ignoring the profound threat” posed by ISIS and for “advocate[ing] inaction” in Iraq.

Paul today quipped in his op-ed that Perry’s account of his foreign policy is so mischaracterized he wonders if the Texas governor has “even really read any of my policy papers” and how he found the time to write “with 60,000 foreign children are streaming across the Texas border.”

Paul reiterated his support for “assistance to the government of Iraq” but rejected calls for redeployment of American troops. Highlighting Perry’s 2012 primary pledge to do so, Paul wrote:

I ask Governor Perry: How many Americans should send their sons or daughters to die for a foreign country — a nation the Iraqis won’t defend for themselves? How many Texan mothers and fathers will Governor Perry ask to send their children to fight in Iraq?

The exchange comes amid speculation that both men will mount bids for the presidency. Veterans of high-profile political scraps, this isn’t the first time either of the potential rivals have made headlines.

Last year, Senator Paul found himself in a similar tussle with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over national security and privacy concerns. Just last week Perry captured the national spotlight during meetings to address the developing border crises with President Barack Obama.