On Thursday, on his FOX Business show, investigative reporter and libertarian commentator John Stossel engaged in a rapid-fire exchange over marriage policy with Heritage Foundation scholar Ryan Anderson.

In a provocative edition of “Stossel,” themed as “Libertarians vs. Conservatives,” Anderson was the sole guest for a segment exploring how the two groups may differ on marriage.

Stossel raised a range of objections to Anderson, who emphasized the common ground of religious liberty conservatives and libertarians share on marriage policy.

“What we’re concerned about is when the baker, florist, photographer or Christian adoption agency is coerced, penalized, even shut down by the government for wanting to treat the union of a man and a woman in marriage as distinctive,” said Anderson.

“We’ve seen Catholic Charities’ adoption agencies forced out of finding homes for orphans—because they wanted to find moms and dads for orphans,” Anderson added. “How is that ‘live and let live’?”

The two found agreement on protecting the conscience rights of business owners with Stossel concluding, “These cases are outrageous… and not just for religious freedom.”

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