Our nation’s biggest heroes are alive in the hearts of our people. Through stories and photography passed down from generation to generation, your grandfather’s heroism in World War II, or the courage of the young boy from down the street who served in Vietnam, is preserved. These heroes gave their lives for the United States of America, and their honor is intertwined in the lives of our families and friends and preserved in our memories.

The Heritage Facebook community shared their photos and memories of their heroes on Memorial Day. We’ve highlighted 14 of them below.

1. Rink S. remembers his father, a World War II Battle of the Bulge survivor.


2. Lydia S. says this little one was Mr. Stanton’s “pride and joy.”


3. Jim P. honors his uncle, Cpl. James A. Poulos, Army Air Corps, Gunner on a B-24. “MIA 5-11-44 over France.”


4. Chad E. thanks “Clifford Henry Eagleton, NAVY C.B. WWII.”


5. Tom Gogal salutes his Uncle Tommy, “killed March 24, 1945, during the Varsity invasion, Wesell, Germany, and buried in Margraten American cemetery, Maastricht, Holland.”


6. Gigi A.’s dear friend, Ron Troyano, gave his life on Feb. 7, 1971, in Vietnam.


7. Judy A. is proud to have known Elizabeth Ann Jones, “a 2Lt killed in a helicopter crash in Vietnam in 1966 attached to a medical unit. She graduated 50 years ago from the School of Nursing at the Medical University of SC.”


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8. Charles K.’s good friend, Marine Ed Blumer, died in Vietnam in 1967.

9. Barbie H. remembers her father.


10. Corey R. misses his dad, a World War II, Korean, and Vietnam War vet, every single day.


11. Renee S. honors her dad, too. “He served in the Navy. 5/20/52-4/25/05”


12. Victor S.’s younger brother, Philip, died in the line of duty at 23.


13. Gene H. says “Capt. John Maloney USMC will always be my hero.”


14. Chad D.’s “Uncle Charles Witham was shot down over the Philippines fighting for freedom in WWII.”