Which do Hollywood liberals hate more: hydraulic fracturing – “fracking” – or oil from the Middle East?

According to the latest undercover sting by filmmaker James O’Keefe, it’s the former. He found that the Left and some of its Hollywood activists, in their haste to halt fracking in its tracks, are willing to acquire cash from “Big Oil” (which they allegedly hate).

Josh and Rebecca Tickell are looking to make an anti-fracking film entitled “Fracked. The Hollywood Reporter (THR) reports that this film “will argue a technique for extracting natural gas called fracking is bad for the environment.” This is unfortunate because fracking is safe, effective, and needed.

THR is reporting that the sting occurred when actors Ed Begley Jr. and Mariel Hemingway joined the Tickells for a meeting and were “duped by a man named ‘Muhammad,’ who [was] looking to make an anti-fracking movie while hiding that its funding is coming from Middle Eastern oil interests.”

The filmmakers were all too eager to hide the source of prospective funding for their movie.

Here are some rather telling quotes uttered during the undercover operation from Josh Tickell and his wife:

We’re confident that we can keep this zip-locked. You know, tight. Tight. Air-tight forever…If we don’t protect who is kind of funding this thing … if we have to disclose that or that becomes a necessary part of it, the whole enterprise will not work.

And Rebecca added this bit:

Because if people think the film is funded by Middle Eastern oil it will, it will not have that credibility.

The Tickells may be hypocrites, but at least they’re astute hypocrites. To top it off, Josh had this to say:

We work for whoever shows up. Okay…if the oil company showed up and said will you make an anti-fracking movie, we would say yes…Money to us…it’s money…We have no moral issue.

O’Keefe’s video is being released at the Cannes Film Festival this week and is sure to cause a stir, and rightly so. It’s blatantly hypocritical, dishonest, and self-serving for the Left to harp on oil interests and then seek their money when it promotes an aspect of their anti-fracking agenda. It’s interesting what liberals will say when they think no one is listening.