As congressional Republicans launch a new investigation into the Benghazi terrorist attack, White House national security adviser Susan Rice and former President Bill Clinton insist there’s nothing left to uncover.

Appearing at a foreign policy lunch Wednesday, Rice was asked what else the Obama administration had done or said regarding the terrorist attack that the newly formed House select committee might discover.

“Dang if I know,” Rice quipped.

The terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2012, killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. House Republicans created the new committee in the wake of newly disclosed documents that shed light on the White House’s role in the aftermath of the attack.

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Rice, however, indicated there was nothing left to learn:

The administration has produced 25,000 pages of documents or 25,000 individual documents. They supported, participated in, contributed to the investigations of seven, I think, different committees. We have had an accountability review board by a very distinguished group of outsiders.

“It’s hard to imagine what further will come of yet another committee,” Rice concluded.

Clinton, meanwhile, defended his wife’s involvement during a question-and-answer session with PBS’ Gwen Ifill at the Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit.

“In my opinion, Hillary did what she should have done,” Clinton said, asserting that secretaries of state are never involved directly in security decisions.