#ChooseFreedom from Timbro on Vimeo.

The benefits of economic freedom may be falling on deaf ears here in Washington, but around the world, economic freedom is picking up momentum. Thanks to a new video by the Swedish think tank Timbro, Swedes are beginning to understand that economic freedom is the key to health, wealth, and a clean environment.

When will Washington listen? It may be up to you. Now you can take the reins just like Timbro and promote economic freedom in your local community with the help of The Heritage Foundation’s “Using the Index of Economic Freedom guide. This new publication provides grassroots activists, students, academics, government officials, and fellow think tanks such as Timbro practical ways to use the Index and promote the principles of economic freedom around the world.

With the help of Timbro and other activists, Sweden has improved its economic freedom score remarkably in recent years. According to the Index of Economic Freedom, co-published by Heritage and The Wall Street Journal, Sweden’s economic freedom has improved nearly 20 percent over the past two decades and 5 percent since 2007. What about the U.S.? Since 2007, economic freedom has fallen 7 percent.

It’s time for a change, and that change starts with you. Using the Index in your community could be the start of the change we need to reverse the slide away from economic freedom here in the U.S.

The video asks what words you would use to describe a decent society. Hopefully, you’d #choosefreedom.