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“Gosnell,” a movie in the works about notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell, has now raised over $1 million through a crowdfunding campaign, making it the largest non-celebrity promoted film of its kind. 

The film’s co-producer, Phelim McAleer, will speak at The Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, April 22 about the on-going fundraising efforts.

McAleer has said it will take $2.1 million to produce the film and fundraising continues on the Indigogo platform.

McAleer’s wife, Ann McElhinney, also a co-producer, said in the fundraising video, “Hollywood—which loves to make movies and TV programs about serial killers—also decided to ignore the story. That’s why we decided to crowdfund and it’s also why we have been the most successful project ever.”

The even will also include  filmmaker Ben Howe, who will speak about his new film, “Bankrupt” and the state of film in politics.


  • Phelim McAleer ( @PhelimMcAleer)
  • Ben Howe (@BenHowe)

What: The Blogger’s Briefing

When: Tuesday, April 22 at noon–1 p.m. EDT

Where: The Heritage Foundation

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