In a Fox News appearance last night, Charles Krauthammer said that the Obama administration has “ran out the clock” in regards to the Benghazi situation.

“It’s too late,” Krauthammer said of congressional efforts to scrutinize how the attack on the Benghazi consulate was handled, and what preceded it. “Politically speaking, the administration has won. They ran out the clock.”

“If we had a select committee from the beginning, really had coherent hearings, unlike what we’ve had … we really would have been somewhere,” he mused. “We would have gotten to the bottom of this. But as a political fact, this thing is done.”

“As a political issue, the country is now tired of [Benghazi],” Krauthammer stated. “I do think Republicans in the hearings that they had, which were completely disorganized, let this thing slip away. Sometimes you blow it.”

Krauthammer argued on Fox News’ Special Report that anyone who wanted to hold the Obama administration accountable only had “a certain amount of attention” of the American people.

Instead of focusing on Benghazi, “you go after Syria, the Iran negotiations, Crimea,” Krauthammer advised.