Today, President Obama signed two executive orders designed to help decrease the so-called “wage gap” between men and women.

But as an analysis by the American Enterprise Institute shows, the White House might want to first address the gap that exists among White House employees. The AEI analysis found that “female staffers at the Obama White House are paid less than 88 cents for every dollar paid to male staffers, and there is therefore a significant White House ‘gender pay gap’ of more than 12 percent.”

The Obama administration is arguing that the 88 cents to the dollar ratio is better than the 77 cents to the dollar ratio they argue exists in America. But as Genevieve Wood argued in a column last week, “When you compare women and men who are doing the same job and have similar educational backgrounds and experience, the wage gap all but disappears. The whole ‘women make 77 cents for every dollar men make,’ line, no matter how many times the Left says it, is absolutely false when you compare apples to apples.”

So either it’s a mistake to say that there exists that large a wage gap … or it’s a mistake to say that the White House is paying women unfairly.