House speaker John Boehner had tough words for the IRS in an interview last night, insisting that “somebody at the IRS violated the law” when the organization specifically targeted conservative groups.

“When this story [on the IRS scandal] first broke,” Boehner said last night on Fox News’ The Kelly File, “I asked the question, or someone asked me the question, ‘Well, who should be fired?’ I said I don’t know — don’t care who is going to be fired.”

“I want to know who is going to jail,” Boehner continued. “There are specific laws that protect taxpayers and force the IRS to comply with the law. Somebody at the IRS violated the law. Whether it was Lois Lerner or not, we’ll find out.”

On Thursday, the House Oversight and Government Reform committee is slated to vote on whether to hold Lerner in contempt or not for her decision to not testify in hearings about the IRS scandal. Instead of speaking, Lerner has cited the fifth amendment, and remained silent.