Louisiana is home to the popular TV program “Duck Dynasty,” giving Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) an up-close look at the entertainment business. As a result, Jindal found himself thrust into the spotlight last year after Phil Robertson, patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” family, made controversial comments that resulted in a suspension by A&E.

Jindal, in an exclusive interview with The Foundry’s Genevieve Wood, explained why he decided to speak out in Robertson’s defense.

“Whether people liked what Phil had to say or not, he had a right to say it,” Jindal said. “And I just think it’s a bad thing in our country when people aren’t willing to stand up for the right of other people to speak up, whether you like them or agree with them.”

Jindal befriended the Robertson family before they hit it big. Today, he said he’s a fan of the show, which is filmed in West Monroe, La.

“As a parent, I love the fact they can watch this show and you’re not worried about the language or the images,” Jindal said. “It’s a safe show for them to watch–and there are not many of those on TV anymore.”

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Wood also asked Jindal what the rest of America should know about Louisiana.

“In Louisiana, we enacted the largest income tax cut in our state’s history … and cut the state’s budget by 26 percent,” Jindal said. “The results are clear: Our economy’s grown 50 percent faster than the national economy. We have more people working now than ever before.”

In contrast, Jindal said, President Obama is doing “the exact opposite of what we’re doing on the state level. And unfortunately, we’re paying the price for it.” Still, he said the American people shouldn’t be discouraged about the future.

“The bottom line is: Conservative ideas work,” Jindal said.