The latest Obamacare advertising site is an odd mix of athlete/star inspiration and trying to scare young people about getting diseases.

On GamePlan4Me, the website offers you the opportunity to “See what happens when you take a chance without health care” (see photo above). Enter your sex and age range (“34+” is the highest) and spin the wheel. You’ll land on any number of ailments, from diabetes and arthritis to heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

But the rest of the site’s messaging is pretty positive—and often not as health-care-related. Athletes like Kobe Bryant, CC Sabathia, and Keyshawn Johnson talk about their “game plans for life,” and the site asks visitors to “Upload your video story about your game plan for school, work, sports, health care or life.”

The site mentions that this initiative has sponsors, but doesn’t list them. Instead it says, “Behind the GamePlan4Me initiative are a group of caring indivdiuals [sic] and noteworthy sponsors who have given time, expertise and money to encourage everyone to develop a game plan for health care.”

GamePlan4Me isn’t the only sports-themed outreach the administration is doing during March Madness.

For your amusement this week, “HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be tweeting about the NCAA basketball tournament,” reports The Hill, and the White House released the “16 Sweetest Reasons to Get Covered.”