Rick Perry encouraged CPAC attendees and all conservatives in an energetic speech this morning, saying, “You are the path to the future! A light on a distant shore!”

The current governor of Texas kicked off the second day of CPAC describing the flourishing opportunity in red states – and the crippling taxes in blue states.

In Texas, Perry says, “Taxes are low. Spending is under control.” And “there is a price to pay for policies that destroy our economy.”

Perry illustrated this point by comparing California to Texas.  California’s state and local tax burden ranks as America’s 4th-highest and Texas comes in at 45th.

“America cannot sustain its current fiscal course,” Perry says.

He also warned about the dangers of giving increased power to politicians. “It is inherent in human nature, once given power, to never give it back.”

Perry finished to thundering applause in the conference ballroom – and made sure he included an optimistic note in his remarks.

“We don’t have to accept recent history,” he said. “We just have to change the presidency.”

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