Political Analyst Donna Brazile yesterday communicated her support for President Obama to take action without Congress.

The CNN contributor sent a tweet to the President saying “With Congress on recess, today is action day! Let’s move America forward.”

Some on Twitter responded to Brazile’s tweet with irritation, saying it was reflective of how a dictator would behave.

Brazile responded to her detractors, writing that “hate is not a winning political strategy.”

The exchange is notable because Obama recently said he needed only “a pen and a phone” to take action without Congress. He also explicitly stated as much in the State of the Union address.

Since then, some legal experts have accused Obama of not respecting Constitutional law. Heritage Foundation expert Hans von Spakovsky writes:

By ignoring federal laws that he doesn’t like and bypassing Congress, President Obama has established a perilous precedent that may haunt this nation for a long time. We are a country based on the rule of law and the contempt he has shown for that principle endangers our liberty and our democratic process.

Brazile continued to criticize those who took issue with her statement and never clarified the tweet further.