While the people of Washington, D.C., enjoyed their snow day Thursday, it’s important to remember those who serve our country and who can’t stop when weather conditions become dangerous or unfavorable. It’s even more important to remember that they chose, and continue to choose, to serve our country here and abroad.

The Sentinels at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier stay at their post, rain or shine. According to the Society of The Old Guards, “they never allow any feeling of cold or heat to be seen by anyone.”

Sergeant Tanner Welch explained to The Washington Times the motivation behind this practice:

“It’s about the collective respect for people who have gone before us. And it’s about the sacrifice of the unknowns and all the service members who have gone in front of us. So we want to honor their service. The guys fighting in the mountains of Afghanistan right now are not going to stop if it starts snowing tomorrow. The guys who fought in the mountains of Korea didn’t stop because it started snowing. So we have that same mentality down here and to honor their same sacrifice and their same service we’re not going to stop either.”

Even in the worst weather, the Sentinels will be at their post.