President Obama’s most recent appointees to international ambassadorships were criticized last night on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.”

At least three of Obama’s ambassador selections have never actually traveled to the countries they were chosen for.

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Stewart began the program by referring to an argument he had last week with Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi about whether or not money had corrupted politicians in Washington. Pelosi said that it had corrupted Republicans.

In last night’s show, Stewart’s monologue magnified ways in which Democrats may also fit the bill. According to the Washington Times, “two of Obama’s former campaign ‘bundlers’ — who each raised over $500,000 for his elections,” are among those nominated as ambassadors. Noah Bryson Mamet and George Tsunis were selected for Argentina and Norway, respectively.

After playing video of three of the nominees admitting they’d never traveled to their chosen countries, Stewart noted one possible reason they’d been appointed despite their lack of experience:

“It definitely couldn’t be because the new Norway nominee raised $850,000 for Obama’s re-election campaign, or the Argentinian one raised $500,000 or the Icelandic one bundled $1.6 million, that would mean that not only would Democrats be seen as corrupt (but Nancy Pelosi told me personally only Republicans are) that Iceland costs like three times more than Argentina.”

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