“We are ruled by laws and not men. And no man is above the law — especially the President.”

This was the theme of Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) conversation with Glenn Beck on The Blaze’s radio show Tuesday, and the same message Cruz has vocalized since the President’s State of the Union address one week ago.

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“If a president can pick and choose which laws to follow, he is no longer a president,” Cruz said. “And that is dangerous.”

Cruz, who serves as a ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on The Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights, explained a lot of his speculation about Obama’s use of executive orders comes from research the committee is doing.

One report detailed nine separate times the Obama administration advocated for broad views of federal power and has been unanimously reversed by the US Supreme Court since January 2012, Cruz said.

Beck argued Congress is just as guilty as the President in their disregard for separation of powers. Congress stands up and says “yes, make me completely irrelevant,” Beck said.

In the 25-minute segment (listen in the Sound Cloud above) Cruz gives several reasons he’s frustrated with the Administration. Here’s four:

1. A President who thinks he is above the law.


“We have never seen a president like president Obama where if he doesn’t agree with federal law, he simply defies it. And that ought to concern everyone.”

2. A biased national media.


“Unchecked power in the presidency is fundamentally inconsistent with individual liberty. … Where is the media standing up for the rule of law and the Constitution?”

3. A country who’s forgotten to stand up for the Constitution.


“Standing up for the Constitution ought to be commonplace — it ought to be what everyone is doing.”

4. A Congress who is willingly giving their authority to the president.


“The ends justify the means and it’s all political to them.”

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