A recent WTAE-PA news segment captured the shock and despair of several Simonetta’s Collision Repair Center employees who had just been told the cost of their health insurance would drastically increase under Obamacare.

Gary Simonetta, owner of the Pennsylvania small business, called his employees into a meeting during which they would “all find out for the first time how the Affordable Care Act will affect their medical coverage and how much they’re going to pay for it.”

“Last year’s 6 percent premium increase has now exploded five-fold to an average 32 percent jump, and that is just for starters,” the reporter narrated.

Despite choosing “the best option,” Simonetta revealed that the deductibles for employees with children would double, while his own monthly premium would increase by 63 percent.

“They call it the affordable health plan – there’s nothing affordable about it. I can’t afford it,” Jeff, one of Simonetta’s employees, said.

He added, “Wake up, America, this isn’t acceptable.”

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