(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) [via Newscom]

(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) [via Newscom]

In her response to the State of the Union last night, Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) took time to mention her 6-year-old son, Cole, who has Down Syndrome.

McMorris Rodgers, chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, also commented on her two daughters, including Brynn, who was born just two months ago.

Speaking about Cole, she said:

But when we looked at our son, we saw only possibilities. We saw a gift from God. And today we see a 6-year-old boy who dances to Bruce Springsteen; who reads above grade level; and who is the best big brother in the world.

We see all the things he can do, not those he can’t.

And Cole, and his sisters, Grace and Brynn, have only made me more determined to see the potential in every human life, that whether we’re born with an extra 21st chromosome or without a dollar to our name, we are not defined by our limits, but by our potential, because our mission, not only as Republicans, but as Americans, is to once again to ensure that we are not bound by where we come from, but empowered by what we can become. 

It’s estimated that 80 percent to 90 percent of unborn babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted.

McMorris Rodgers’ message of life comes on the heels of last week’s March For Life, which brought thousands of pro-life demonstrators to Washington to protest Roe v. Wade.

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