(Travis Heying/Wichita Eagle/MCT) (via Newscom)

(Travis Heying/Wichita Eagle/MCT) (via Newscom)

It’s now national news that Starbucks supports progressive policies and Chick-fil-a is the conservative chicken of choice. But what about the other places you shop? Well now there’s 2nd Vote, a new app that scores hundreds of businesses based on their political views and donations.

Each company is scored on a 1-10 scale on a number of issues such as gun control, the environment, pro-life, and pro-marriage. Lower scores indicate that a business is more liberal, while a higher score is more conservative.

2nd Vote’s founder, Chris Walker, wanted to empower conservatives to not only vote on Election Day, but to also vote with their wallets by choosing to support businesses who donate to conservative causes.

“We basically build a data base so that you know where your money is going,” said Walker.

The ugly truth is that hundreds of U.S. corporations donate directly or indirectly to left-wing groups. The team at 2nd Vote equips conservatives with the knowledge they need to make informed consumer decisions.

Walker explains, “The further a dollar gets away from you, the more mischief it can cause.”

Some corporations, like Costco, donate directly to Planned Parenthood. Others donate indirectly, such as CVS, who donates to United Way and Easter Seals, two organizations that support and fund Planned Parenthood. Other corporations that lean to the left include NBC Universal, who sponsors many gay pride events, and Bank of America, who “refuses to do business with companies who do not have environmental statements that are particularly liberal.”

“We got tired of seeing stories in Virginia about Planned Parenthood spending a million dollars against Ken Cuccinelli,” said Walker.

Currently the App has about 55,000 downloads and is available for free for Apple, Android, and Amazon products.