Another group of Americans is discovering that President Obama’s promise that “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” simply wasn’t true.

Target announced yesterday that it would no longer offer health insurance for the company’s part-time employees starting April 1.

“The launch of Health Insurance Marketplaces provides new options for health care coverage that we believe our part-time team members may prefer,” Target declared in a post on the company blog. “In fact, by offering them insurance, we could actually disqualify many of them from being eligible for newly available subsidies that could reduce their overall health insurance expense.”

In other words, Target sees no need to help pay for part-time employees’ health insurance when the government is willing to foot the bill instead.

Target isn’t the only company to change its benefits policy thanks to Obamacare: Trader Joe’s and Home Depot have also stopped offering their part-time employees health insurance.

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