1. The College Student


“The main reason I’m out here as a college student [is that] we as young people are concerned about something our culture is okay with, which is the slaughter of unborn children who are innocent and defenseless. And we’re here to be the voice for them and it’s with our numbers that we show we’re a witness to this.”

—Thomas, 21

Ave Maria, Florida

2. The Biologist


“Embryology clearly states that from conception, a new human being’s life begins. I’m out here to stand for the right of every human being to live a life from conception to natural death. I’m consistently pro-life, so it’s not just abortion. It’s also a whole slew of issues like the death penalty and torture.”

 —Amy, 25

Steubenville, Ohio

3. The Fired Up Millennial


“Abortion is an important issue to my heart because I believe it has really adversely affected my generation. I want to say that I want to be the generation that sees abortion and Roe v. Wade overturned.”

—Genevieve, 28


4. The Adoption Advocate


“It’s great to emphasize the alternative of adoption. I know it’s a hard decision and a hard process, but it gives life to everybody and I just want to encourage that more and more.”

Washington, D.C.

 5. The “True” Feminist


“Normal feminism these days is about embracing male ideals and male power vs. really embracing women. To truly be pro-woman is to love your femininity and to love every woman that’s conceived.”


6. The Activist Playing Hookey 


“I really believe this is a cause we have to fight for. It’s cold out here, but it doesn’t matter. I would do anything to support this cause.”

—Sam, 15

North Carolina

 7. The “No-Exceptions”


“We are the exception. We’re human and we deserve to have life just like anyone else. Encouraging a mother who’s been raped or a victim of incest to have an abortion is just continuing the victimization. Instead we need to promote life 100 percent. No compromise, no exceptions.”


Waterford, Michigan

 “Eight years ago I discovered I was conceived when my mother was raped when she was walking home from work. As devastating as that news was, I began to realize that I’m here because I was protected by her courage and the society that valued life. I’m here today to make sure all life is protected like I was.”


Chicago, Illinois

(All photos by Kelsey Harris.)

This story was produced by The Foundry’s news team. Nothing here should be construed as necessarily reflecting the views of The Heritage Foundation.