In Life Inside the Bubble, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino tells what’s wrong with the federal government?how its monopoly on power has created widespread inefficiencies that are hurting Americans.

Bongino’s concern for the country started before his work with the Secret Service. As a cop with the NYPD patrolling the streets, Bongino met a young boy who, when he asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, said, “I want to be like AZ.” AZ was a local drug dealer.

Bongino thought that working in the Secret Service would answer questions of ideology and address problems like what he saw on the streets of New York—questions he continually pondered. While it didn’t, his career in the Secret Service did impact him.

At a recent Heritage event, Bongino said that his work in the Secret Service helped him to understand that it isn’t the people in the government who are the problem, “It’s the process that’s broken. All of you have been sold out. You’ve been sold out unless you have the money or block of voters that you can influence.”

“The reason people in specific factions don’t want to give up responsibility for whatever it may be…is because there is no power in ‘yes’ in the government. There’s only power in ‘no’.”

According to Bongino, this monopolizing power of the government is corrupting the system and is the cause of such tragic events as the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Bongino urged Americans to get involved: “What I think it’s going to take is just a tidal wave of people speaking out to really create some effective change.”

“The world is changed by action, not by talk. Action is what changes the world.”