Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) officially joined the disappearing photo sharing app Snapchat today. The app allows users to send photos or videos to one or more friends accompanied by text or a drawing. The photos disappear after three to 10 seconds.

Paul joins policy organizations like Generation Opportunity, which took its “Creepy Uncle Sam” character to Snapchat, and brands like Taco Bell. For political leaders, it is another way to connect with constituents, especially young people. According to Sergio Gor, the spokesmen for Paul’s political organization:

Snapchat will allow everyone to follow the senator as he travels around the nation and spreads the message of liberty.

Snapchat has come under fire recently after the photo sharing app made news because loopholes in their site security made it possible for it to be hacked, exposing email addresses and phone numbers of millions of users.

UPDATE: Representative Michele Bachmann (D-MN) announced she is also using the photo sharing service. At today’s Conversations with Conservatives she stated, “That’s how I communicate with all my kids.”

UPDATE: Paul has released his first Snapchat.