Members of Congress are preparing to vote on the $1.012 trillion omnibus spending bill as early as today. Released less than two days ago and coming in at 1,582 pages, budget hawks have questioned if lawmakers will have time to finishing reading the bill before they vote.

That hasn’t stopped Heritage’s team of experts. They have stayed up late to search for pork projects, ineffective government programs, and giveaways for corporate cronies included in the omnibus.

One of those Heritage experts, Romina Boccia, will join The Foundry senior contributor Genevieve Wood, American Commitment president Phil Kerpen, and talk-radio host Tony Katz for a Heritage Live conversation at 2 p.m. ET today.

Boccia, the Grover M. Hermann Fellow in Federal Budgetary Affairs at Heritage, has criticized Congress for rushing the omnibus spending bill before taxpayers have an opportunity to see what’s in it.

Today is our opportunity to learn more.