The Heritage Foundation and Washington Free Beacon are teaming up to bring you a 30-minute program on the President’s health care law, “America Under Obamacare: The Reality Revealed.”

Our all-star panel will discuss the hardship that Obamacare has caused for so many Americans this holiday season. From the loss of health insurance plans to the struggles that small businesses face with rising costs, Obamacare is increasingly disliked by Americans.

Our panelists include:

  • Representative Roger Williams (R-TX)
  • Alyene Senger, Health Policy Research Associate, The Heritage Foundation
  • Ben Domenech, Senior Fellow, The Heartland Institute; Editor, The Transom
  • Elizabeth Harrington, Staff Writer, Washington Free Beacon
  • Ben Downs, Vice President and General Manager, Bryan Broadcasting Corp.
  • Ericka Andersen, Senior Digital Media Associate, The Heritage Foundation