Obamacare is growing increasingly unpopular as the law is implemented. Here are three charts from a new Gallup poll that tell the story.

1) Over the past month, there was a sharp rise in the number of Americans (41 percent) who believe Obamacare will make their own health care situation worse in the future. A mere 20 percent say they believe their health care situation will improve in the long run. “The current 21-percent-point gap between those who say it will make their situation better and those who say it will make their situation worse is one of the largest to date.”


2) Americans recognize that Obamacare will be a disaster on their families, but they also see it making the country’s health care situation worse as well. Nearly half of Americans (48 percent) says Obamacare will make things worse, while the number of Americans who think Obamacare will improve matters dropped to 34 percent — the lowest since July. Another 12 percent say it will make no difference.


3) A majority of Americans continue to disapprove of Obamacare — a number that has increased sharply since implementation began on October 1. “Throughout this year, more Americans have disapproved than approved of the law, but they have become more negative toward it in recent weeks.”


What’s causing the unpopularity? Here are a few stories of Obamacare failures: