In “George Washington’s Secret Six,” Fox News host Brian Kilmeade reveals how the Culper Spy Ring–a group of six ordinary individuals–helped save the American Revolution.

“What if we told that story of average Americans doing extraordinary things for a cause, not for the money, not for the fame?” Kilmeade asked at a recent Heritage event. “I would argue they represent America.”

Members of the Culper Spy Ring were willing to sacrifice their lives to provide Washington with valuable information to help him defeat the British. One is believed to have died for the cause.

“What if I told you that a longshoreman would get six guys together … weave in and out of the Long Island Sound for three-and-a-half years for no money, with a letter in his boat to a courier to get it to Washington?”

“What if I told you that a farmer would sacrifice the welfare of his family and side with us … and say, ‘I’m going to do it’? He was a guy that was truly believing in the cause.”

Kilmeade explained that members of the Culper Spy Ring were humble about their sacrifice: “These spies only wanted their expenses taken care of. They didn’t want even to meet Washington because they thought it would have taken away from the reason why they did it.”

Kilmeade asserted the story is powerful, and the book is special because Americans today can relate.

“I really have trouble relating to Washington. I can relate to a bartender. I can relate to a farmer. And, of course, I can relate to a reporter and doing [an] extraordinary thing for the cause.”

In addition to co-hosting “Fox & Friends,” Kilmeade is the author of two previous books, “The Games Do Count” and “It’s How You Play the Game.” He hosts the weekly syndicated radio show Kilmeade & Friends.

Heritage hosted Kilmeade on November 18. His speech and the question-and-answer session run about 30 minutes.