Until 2010, no organization existed in America that fought election fraud.

It all changed when Catherine Engelbrecht founded True the Vote, a non-partisan, citizen-led organization dedicated to exposing and preventing election fraud.

True the Vote educates voters, trains and mobilizes polling volunteers, pursues litigation, and works to pass legislative reforms. Engelbrecht recent visited Heritage to introduce the organization and explain its work.

After volunteering at her local polling place in 2009, Engelbrecht and fellow volunteers saw problems.

“There was no pro-liberty group out there just saying, ‘Rules matter. We are a country of rules. We are a country of laws, and they matter.’”

In her Heritage speech, Engelbrecht addressed photo ID requirements, an issue she believes is being used to divide the American electorate, and unnecessarily so. Engelbrecht believes that a majority of Americans support photo ID requirements.

With regard to the problem of election fraud, Engelbrecht said, “We’ve let it go far too long without citizens saying, ‘Enough is enough.’”

That stance has put a spotlight on True the Vote. Engelbrecht said when she filled out her non-profit application in 2010, she faced unwarranted scrutiny from federal agencies such as the FBI and IRS.

Engelbrecht spoke at the Conservative Women’s Network event at Heritage on October 25. The video runs about 50 minutes.