David Horowitz

Today, the American left is the dominate force in academia and media. There’s a progressive in the White House and others in positions to shape America’s future. It’s no wonder many conservatives are worried about the direction of our country.

David Horowitz, a New York Times bestselling author, spent the first part of his life in the world of the Communist-progressive left, and as one of the founders of the New Left. He witnessed firsthand the wreckage caused by the movement.

On Tuesday at noon ET, Horowitz will visit The Heritage Foundation to discuss his personal journey, which is chronicled in “The Black Book of the America Left.”

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Horowitz said that since leaving the left in the mid-1970s, he feels that it is his duty to try to understand the leftist agenda. He wrote in the first volume of his collected conservative writings, “I have been condemned to spend the rest of my days attempting to understand how the left pursues the agenda from which I have separated myself, and why.”