As a health policy expert, Hadley Heath has warned about the problems with Obamacare for years. Now, like so many other Americans, she’s facing the real-life consequences of the law.

Speaking to Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren, Heath said her current health care plan is no longer an option. The $113 per month she pays for that plan includes hospitalization, preventive care, immunization, X-rays, and “all the basic things that someone might want in a health insurance plan.” Her deductible was $2,700 per year.

But because of Obamacare, Heath said the most affordable plan available to her now through the Washington, D.C., exchange would double her insurance premium, and her new deductible would be about $3,500 per year.

“I can’t believe that would be better for me or something that I would choose to do on my own,” Heath said. “That’s why I imagine they have a mandate making this mandatory.”

Heath, who is a senior policy analyst with the Independent Women’s Forum, warned Obamacare will hit young people hard.

“Obamacare is about redistributing costs and, in this case, it’s from younger, healthier people onto people who utilize the health care system more,” she said.

Heath added: “I think my experience is representative of the experience of what will be millions of people who buy their own health insurance, especially young Americans. I’ve seen studies that estimate that women’s premiums might double and young men’s might triple.”