NBC News - Health Insurance Plans Canceled

Estimates this week suggest that 11 million people could lose their current insurance plans because of Obamacare’s mandatory requirements. We knew that included many Heritage readers, so earlier this week we asked: Has your health insurance plan been canceled?

Here are some of your stories:

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John B:

IL family of 4. Both parents & a 23 yr. old canceled. We’re scrambling to replace coverage by Jan. 1st at a 80% increase in premiums. Washington, you’re killing us out here.

Chris B.:

Our plan was canceled. I have brain cancer and my care, and insurance have been wonderful. Now our premiums will increase by $700.00 per MONTH and we have no idea if we can keep my doctors.

R.P. Callahan:

I was paying 165.50 per month for basic coverage. BCBS sent me a letter saying that the plan I have does not meet the requirements of the ACA. So the plan in its place will be 425.00 per month. I have elected to drop it. I am 63 years old.


Our son’s policy with BCBS will no longer be available starting Jan. 1st. The policy BCBS is providing increases his out of pocket $500.


I had insurance through the State of Indiana. I received a cancellation letter Oct 15th. I tried to get on the Federal web-site to check out my options. I have been unable. However, with all of the incompetence and potential for my personal information to be exposed, I have decided to just forego any insurance at this time. I know their [sic] is no way that I will find insurance at the price I had through the State. I really can’t afford to pay more than I had been. Our son is a college student and earned less than $10,000 this year.


Anthem Blue Cross of So. Cal is canceling my individual insurance as of Jan 1. They told my insurance agent that the policies now shown on their enrollment page are incorrect…that they should have ACA conforming policies available the first week in November. I chose my previous PPO plan according to what I wanted and could afford…that choice was taken away by Obamacare.

 Jon weir:

I got a letter from my provider telling me that my plan was going to be terminated at the end of the year and that they could not guarantee that they would be able to give me a new plan before the law went into effect. They suggested that I go to healthcare.gov for more options. You can guess how that went.

 AT&T retiree:

AT&T has already made it known to the CWA that retiree health care currently co-provided by AT&T and retirees monthly co-payment will be cancelled for 2015. We will then be thrown to the health exchanges. Co-payments for 2014 have doubled. As a retiree on a fixed income this is going to be a disaster.


Plan being cancelled. For similar coverage cost goes up 100%. We qualify for subsidy but that is artificial support we ‘doers’ pay for, is not sustainable and will not take it. We are considering penalty for a few years or Medi-Share.


My United Health Care plan through my employer was cancelled. I got my “no coverage for you” letter within a day or so of Oct. 1. Thanks Mr. President!

President Obama famously said: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” As you and so many others are finding out: Not so much.