What’s next for conservatives? Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) said yesterday at The Heritage Foundation that we can’t ignore the ways Obamacare is harming Americans.

Obamacare is “unaffordable and unfair [and] it’s getting worse all the time,” Lee said.

“Every week, thousands of Americans get letters from their insurance companies, announcing their suspension of coverage, or shocking price increases. Because of Obamacare, Americans are losing their jobs, wages, and hours,” he said.

But Lee said, “That debate is not over. It’s only just beginning….And today, conservative ideas are not only superior to Obamacare – they are superior to the old status quo before Obamacare.”

Conservatives are going to succeed if they do something with those ideas, he said.

“That means sharpening more pencils than knives. The kind of work it will require is neither glamorous nor fun—and sometimes it isn’t even noticed. But it is necessary,” Lee said. “To deserve victory, conservatives have to do more than pick a fight. We have to win a debate. And to do that, we need more than just guts. We need an agenda. Our generation of conservatives has big shoes to fill, and a lot of lost time to make up. So, let’s get to work.”