On Friday, Heritage asked: “How much is your health insurance going up?” Here are some of the answers that came pouring in through email, Facebook, Twitter, and even Tumblr.

Our email responses included this from Kristalyn N.:


From Twitter:

From Facebook:

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On Tumblr, Zeesmuse replied:


We also have heard that a lot of people got letters like this one from Humana:


This particular letter was sent in by John E., who writes:

My wife and I are self employed and in our early 50’s and in good health. Our plan works because of the preventive coverage it offers. We each have one prescribed drug we purchase out of pocket. It is much cheaper than purchasing a plan with drug coverage! We have made no claims since we have had the insurance other than the preventive options it pays 100%. When we first purchased the plan, the monthly premium was around $320 but it increased for no reason we know of in 2013 to the current amount. The premium increase estimates for 2014 are nearly double. Fortunately, we can afford to pay the premium increase if we have too, however, for the first time in our working lives we may take the low road and pay the Obama tax penalty. Let the Obama liberals, who are so hell bent on social medicine, pay on our behalf for once!

Marli R., who sent in a photo with her cute dog Kayla, wrote:

I am on Medicare and have received a letter that Blue Cross/Blue Shield is dropping my Medicare Advantage plan as of the first of the year. I was told to find my own insurance plan from those available in Vermont for Medicare recipients. The premiums were $342 monthly, paid by my previous employer (I am retired). … My cost will be much higher, and I may lose my physician. Many Vermont physicians do not accept Medicare patients; it took 5 months to find a doctor after I moved to Vermont last year to be closer to my family. Obamacare is definitely impacting Medicare patients in a very negative and expensive way.

Sorry, Marli. We don’t know whether to hope Kayla has more health options than you, or feel sad she might.

Kayla and Marli2