Government-run health care is hurting doctors as well as patients, according to Dr. Martha Boone.

“The frustrating part of my day is I have two employees that work nearly full-time fighting Medicare and other insurance carriers for work that I have done,” Dr. Boone said. “I absolutely detest that part of my life. I never imagined that I would do work and then have to fight a third party to get paid for the work that I did.”

Boone said that her office stopped accepting Medicaid because it won’t pay her. She said that there are many doctors who are having the same problems, forcing practices to stop accepting Medicaid patients. In this case, government-run health care is actually hurting patients because there are very fewer doctors available to see them.

Boone said that she is very worried for the country under Obamacare.

“I love being a urologist,” Boone said. “Every day when I get in my car and go home I can think of at least five to 10 people that I have really helped. So many people don’t get that out of their job. So I will probably continue to try to do it until it is no longer economically feasible.”

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