Obamacare opens today. What does that mean to you?

Since Heritage launched our billboard in Times Square promoting the message to defund Obamacare, the response has been overwhelming. We’ve received thousands of text messages from concerned Americans wanting more information about this unaffordable law. It is raising premiums, hurting small businesses, and digging America into more and more debt.

When we asked some of those concerned citizens how Obamacare would affect their lives, we received many worried answers. We wanted to share these responses with our readers, as many of you can relate to the challenges ahead if Obamacare is not defunded immediately.

The answers came from a variety of perspectives — and all are worthy of being heard by Congress and President Obama before it’s too late to turn back.

What does Obamacare mean for you? 


  • “Idk [I don’t know], but my premium just went up almost $100.”
  • “I am angry, frustrated and scared. It is a catastrophe.”
  • “Scared. I have great insurance now but that could all change and that is not helping an already slow economy.”


  • “DISASTER. My husband took $700 pay cut thanks to NObamacare. Pay cut is monthly amount. We are STRUGGLING to keep our home, keep gas & all others.”
  • “A disaster for everybody that breathes.”
  • “This is gonna be a train wreck. Sad day for the USA.”

Decreased Care

  • “…definitely the end of great health care as we have known it.”
  • “It means our healthcare is no longer going to be first class, long waits to be seen by a doctor, older people dying because of lack of care, sky high premiums, government snooping into my life…”

Invasion of Personal Freedom

  • “Gov’t interference & control of my private business & increased taxes”
  • “It means my freedom has been wrenched from me. I should not be forced, by coercion, by my government in regards to healthcare. If Congress is exempt, so should we be.”
  • “The beginning of loss of my freedom to choose. The beginning of a lot of chaos in the health care business and current care. The fear of premiums going even higher and benefits even lower. The beginning of a lot more government bureaucracy.”

Financial Struggle

  • “That means we are the middle class and are going to pay much more in premiums and copays. It is going to crush us. It is going to cause our family of 8 to just barely survive.”
  •  “It has already affected my family. My husband’s work which is in coal mining has laid off 180 men. Our health insurance deductible has doubled. I am all for defunding Obamacare.”
  • “Closing our small business”

No Insurance

  • “No insurance…..will not be able to afford. Too high already!”
  • “Nothing. I can’t pay for it so I’ll be an outlaw.”

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