That was the question asked by a parent while he was being escorted out of a public forum held by the Maryland State Department of Education. The reason he was escorted out: He dared to challenge the school superintendents on Common Core education standards.

The concerned parent, after being interrupted repeatedly by the moderator, was trying to find out why preparing students for community college was the goal of the Common Core national standards proponents, as some experts have suggested. He was concerned about the quality of his child’s education, along with that of other children in Maryland. He has good reason to be.

Common Core national standards are so confusing that when North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest asked the North Carolina State Department of Education simple questions about the standards, he was asked to provide 10,000 pieces of blank paper so the department would have enough paper to answer him.

Forest is not the only person with unanswered questions. According to a recent poll, most Americans don’t even know what Common Core is.

The Obama Administration is working hard trying to sell Common Core to skeptics, but when people actually examine the content of the standards, the cost, and the further erosion of parental control of education, questions rightly emerge. And those questions deserve answers.

Fortunately, for this gentleman and public debate in America, all charges against him were dropped.