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Getting your content noticed could be dependent on the picture you pick to share on Facebook or Twitter. Snackable images and infographics are crucial to successful messaging and growing your social media audience. We’ll tackle the topic at tomorrow’s Bloggers Briefing at noon ET. Here’s the link to RSVP.

What does and doesn’t work when it comes to images and infographics? Is it newsworthiness or timelessness that determines a highly shared image? How about design or font? What subjects resonate better with audiences?

Our goal is to help conservatives make their images resonate. Our panel of experts includes:

  • Bill Beutler, President, Beutler Ink (@WilliamBeutler)
  • Ashley Crouch, PR Manager at Verily Magazine (@AshCrouch1)
  • Kelsey Harris, Digital Media Associate, The Heritage Foundation (@kelsrenhar)
  • Phillip Herndon, Director of Strategy, NJI Media (@phillh)

Heritage’s Ericka Andersen will moderate.

This discussion was inspired in part by Heritage’s recent image featuring Dr. Ben Carson, which had more than 117,000 likes, 50,000 shares, and nearly 5,000 comments.