As the days count down to Values Voter Summit 2013, leaders from across America continue to join the gathering—most recently, renowned physician (and outspoken critic of Obamacare) Dr. Ben Carson and House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R–WI).

Having retired earlier this year from his longtime position as director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Carson currently writes a weekly column on public policy issues and serves as head of the Carson Scholars Fund with his wife, Candy. His views on Obamacare recently lit up social media as a Heritage Foundation graphic seen by over 3 million people.


Dr. Carson’s keynote address at the Values Voter Summit is currently slated for Friday morning, October 11. Explore event schedule and more details. >>

Only one month away, Values Voter Summit 2013 will bring together thousands of Americans to tackle issues impacting our freedoms, families, national security, and values. This year’s theme, “Standing for Faith, Family, and Opportunity for All,” conveys how following America’s founding principles provides all citizens more freedom and better lives.

Dr. Carson and Representative Ryan join a host of leading voices in public policy who will address the summit, notably Senator Ted Cruz (R–TX), Heritage President Jim DeMint, former Governor Mike Huckabee (R–AR), columnist Star Parker, Senator Rand Paul (R–KY), Live Action president Lila Rose, former Senator Rick Santorum (R–PA), Todd Starnes of Fox News, and many more. See the latest confirmed speakers and register now. >>

Also on Friday, attendees at the summit will set the agenda during an interactive town hall with Members of Congress, as Representatives Louie Gohmert (R–TX), Jim Jordan (R–OH), and Steve Scalise (R–LA) speak on pressing issues raised by audience members.

Following two full days of strategic insights, Q&A, and informative discussions, on Saturday evening leaders will recognize a conservative hero with the Vision and Leadership Award: Dr. Ed Feulner, founder of The Heritage Foundation.

With swing music and lively speeches from columnist Cal Thomas, Father Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute, and Dr. Feulner’s longtime close friend Ed Meese—our nation’s 75th Attorney General under President Ronald Reagan—it will be a fitting, celebratory culmination to a significant gathering.

Join us and make your voice heard at the Values Voter Summit—October 11–13 in Washington, D.C. For more information and to register today, go to >>