On this weekend’s “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace”, Heritage President Jim DeMint  appeared on a panel discussion with The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and Fox News’ Juan Williams and Howard Kurtz to discuss a wide range of issues including foreign policy, the debt, and defunding Obamacare.

DeMint said of closing American embassies due to terror threats:

The instability around the world is clearly related to at least a perception of a lack of resolve, and a perception of weakness. Now, I’m not questioning what the President is doing here – in fact I think he should be over cautious rather than under cautious after Benghazi – but I think what we’re seeing is a reaction to a perception that the United States does not have the will to act.

Host Chris Wallace then turned to the upcoming debate in Congress over whether to raise the country’s debt limit to pay for Obamacare. DeMint explained:

This is a very destructive law that’s going to hurt our county, it’s going to hurt a lot of people. This may be the last opportunity to stop it. Now there’s no Republican who I’m aware of that wants to shut the government down. The whole point is we need to fund the government, but we should not fund Obamacare.

DeMint also highlighted the implications for all Americans in this debate over our country’s debt:

If Obama would not accept a funding bill for the government that fully funds the government because it didn’t have his failed law in it, then he would be shutting down the government. And that’s the case we’re going to take to the American people in August. Through Heritage Action we’re going to be doing dozens of town halls around the country. And I’m convinced that the more Americans know about Obamacare the more they’re going to stand with those of us who want to stop it.

Heritage Action’s town hall meetings will be open to the public. Click here to get more information on each of the nine cities: