Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” last night to urge conservatives to defund Obamacare. “This is the last, best chance,” he warned. “We have to do this.”

Rubio said no issue is a bigger threat to the U.S. economy than the President’s unpopular and unworkable health-care law. The only way to stop Obamacare is to defund it, Rubio argued. He said the law was “built on broken promises.”

“If we’re not willing to draw a line in the sand on Obamacare,” Rubio said, “what issue are we willing to do that on?”

While liberals are threatening a government “shutdown,” Rubio argued that this issue isn’t about party politics. He said Obamacare is hurting all Americans, and there is no other alternative but to defund it.

Obamacare is not more important than our country. Obamacare is not more important than our economy. And it’s their insistence on continuing to pour money into this broken and failed experiment that is threatening a government shutdown, not us.

The video is also available on YouTube.