Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is challenging both House and Senate members to “stand up for principle” with his defund Obamacare bill — and he’s refusing to stay quiet until they do.

With the continuing resolution expiration date only 63 days away, Cruz thinks Congress has just enough time to stop U.S. tax dollars from feeding the Obamacare beast.

“Under no circumstances will I vote for a continuing resolution that funds even one single penny of Obamacare,” Cruz told Glenn Beck on TheBlaze radio show this morning. He urged Republicans to stand together in support of defunding, despite the President’s scare tactics.

“Why is President Obama threatening and trying to shut down the federal government?” Cruz said. “In order to force Obamacare down the people’s throats?”

Cruz will speak at Heritage’s Bloggers Briefing on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. ET to talk about why a complete defunding of Obamacare is crucial and why he’s putting pressure on Congress to make sure it happens.

Representative Jim Bridenstine, a conservative from Oklahoma, will also join us to talk about digital communications and the importance of grassroots efforts. Despite being a freshman, Bridenstine finished second in the House Republican Digital Challenge this year.

The Bloggers Briefing will be broadcast on Livestream.