After yesterday’s display in the Senate, it should be no mystery why conservatives in Congress are unable to rally the American people to their cause. At the mere mention of the “nuclear option” by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate Republicans caved in epic fashion.

Setting the stage for yesterday’s showdown, Reid filed cloture to end debate on seven controversial nominees at the end of last week.

Yesterday’s agreement was straightforward—Reid was assured a vote on five of the seven Obama executive branch appointees, with two of the three National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) nominees pulled in exchange for two replacements of the President’s choosing, and the Republicans… they would get nothing in return.

It is important for conservatives to realize the far-reaching and grievous implications of yesterday’s events. It appears now that Reid need only threaten invoking a rules change via the nuclear option and he and the President, along with their liberal allies, will get everything they want. There is nothing to stop Reid from employing this tactic on any upcoming nominees to the Supreme Court, as well as the future Secretary of Homeland Security.